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Why Wes Got an Ovation While LA Got Booed

Some people were shocked when the Blazers fans booed LaMarcus Aldridge in his return to the Rose Garden as a member of the San Antonio Spurs. How could this loyal fan base revile someone who gave them some of the best statistical numbers ever? How could we hold it against someone for wanting a ring? How […]

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My new position as CTO of Gift 2 Grow

In the newest of my many ventures, I’ve signed on to a great local start up called Gift 2 Grow. The idea behind it is to allow local businesses to send personalized gift offerings from other local businesses, changing the message from generic self-promotion to reciprocity and community. Gift 2 Grow I’ll be helping the company with […]

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I’m back!

Rather, DanLinn.com is back. It’s my first personal foray into WordPress after working on numerous professional ones over the years. Not that I don’t still love Drupal, but I believe in the right tool for the job and frankly I don’t need Drupal’s power for this site. I’m going to try and get some of […]

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